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Experience tremendous financial savings and thorough caring service. We are a very lean direct lender providing tremendous savings with our financing; whether you're seeking home purchase, new construction or refinancing. We enable our clients to choose the best loan product & pricing to ultimately help accomplish their goals. We offer all loan types for Investments to reverses, new construction, 1st time home buyers, down payment assistance, self-employed borrowers, super jumbo single family and condos as well as challenging credit scenarios-We Will Care For Your Progress


All Credit & Financial Scenarios Welcome


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  • Conventional - Fannie / Freddie


  • FHA / VA - Less Than 580 Scores OK


  • Jumbos - SFR and Condos      


  • Reverse HECM Mortgages             


  • Self Employed / Alt Documentation


  • Investors - DSCR and Full Doc


  • New Construction


  • Foreign Nationals


  • Commercial Loans

High Loan Amounts

Loan Amounts have risen so that conventional and agency FHA / VA mortgages have higher loan limits than ever, while jumbo mortgages reach up to 20 million dollars.  For commercial financing, mortgages and working capital can stretch to over $100 million while requiring minimal documentation.

Conventional Mortgages


Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have unique programs that can help reduce documentation and appraisal requirements.  Also, because of available mortgage insurance and secondary market can allow for high loan to value financing at the lowest costs.    

FHA and VA Agency Loans


FHA and VA loans are backed by government agencies and thereby can provide lower rates and expanded qualification parameters.  Integrity Mortgage cares greatly for borrowers  hoping for agency qualification and our rates demonstrate our sincerity to help.  Credit scores can be less than 580 for those with compensating factors such as extra reserves or larger down payments.

Investors and Visa Foreign Nationals


One of our focal points are helping investors and foreign nationals purchase real estate in the USA.  We welcome many different visas, and our Investor DSCR programs can stretch as low as .70 (<1.0), and have high loan to values.  We can help with single family, multi-family and commercial mortgage financing.  



Integrity Mortgage was founded to provide direct access to the best real estate financing products, pricing and service possible.  We deeply value our clients and partners who expect the most reliable lending service available.  As a direct lender of a very wide array of mortgage products, while committed to minimal expenses, we are able to provide tremendous savings and efficiency in real estate financing.

   Integrity Will Save You Money!


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Currently Licensed in Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. 


Contact:   888-407-1008  

NMLS# 250769


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