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We provide tailored financial solutions for your business

Bringing success through tailored financial solutions

Your Powerful Solutions

Financial planning is a cornerston of life for every individual, family  & business.  Peace, wellbeing and longevity all depend on successful financial security.  Great solutions are more affordable than most realize.

Since 1999, we have been helping solve  complex family and business financial scenarios utilizing the best financial instruments and strategies available.  It's never to late for families to agressively plan for tax efficient retirement income, healthcare, and long term care. 

 Businesses benefit tremendously from securing affordable access to capital for real estate, SBA's, working capital, lines of credit, and equipment financing. We save companies & individuals a lot of money.


Utilizing more than 200 lenders and more than 90 insurance companies, we are able to provide the best rates, terms, and service for each client's unique needs. We're here to discuss the many great programs available.



Financing Highlights

Residential & Commercial Mortgages

SBA 7a & 504b

Lines of Credit (Bank & Subprime)

Equipment Leasing 

Supply Chain Financing

Working Capital

Cash Advances  

Cash Out & Leasebacks

Venture Capital

Merchant Processing 

Debt Advisory


Thrive With Best Financing Possible

Highest Rated Insurance Co's

We utilize more than 90 domestic insurance carriers and mutual companies to provide the best value and solutions for all types of financial planning. Customized  tax and income solutions for each client.

Best Financing Solutions 

We provide access to nearly 1000 lenders and investors with a single application.  You can choose between many options with customized terms and structure providing the best solution for your needs.

High Loan Amounts - Fast

Quick Business Funding from as little as $50,000 to $200 million. 

Purchases up to 90% Loan to Value

Cash-out up to 85% Loan to Value

100% Rehab Financing.

Compliance Driven

We are fully committed to the highest level of ethical standards in lending, privacy, security and fiduciary business service solutions.

Easy Application


Apply in less than 10 minutes with limited documentation. Funding requirements  depend on many factors, but we help  streamline the application process.



API works with many of the best Insurance carriers, accounting firms, realtors, business brokers, lenders, and investors throughout USA and Canada. Dedicated to excellence.



Allied Physicians Inc  (API)  was founded in 1999 in Rehoboth Beach Delaware as HQ for the national physician union, medical practice management and services provider.  Allied Physicians was relocated to Florida in 2003.  For nearly twenty years, we have grown to support countless businesses in nearly every industry, and communities throughout the world. 


Allied Physicians expanded through two subsidiaries in 2010.  Integrity Finance was created to more efficiently serve the financial needs of small and medium size businesses, and API, an insurance agency that provides health insurance solutions, and retirement planning with life insurance and annuities.


The vision of Allied Physicians has been to inspire and facilitate great advancements in public health and wellbeing.  Business activity plays a vital role funding many of the activities that actualize our mission.  Working together encouraging scientific research and development, healthcare delivery, and widespread peace of mind and spirit are all accomplished by our focus and commitment to doing great things for people and businesses doing great things for others.  We  support the small business community in many ways financially and philanthropically.

Allied Physicians inspires and empowers others to to improve their communities to be healthy, happy and productive.     We continuously promote, facilitate and magnify the great work of others.

Global Brands & Services

API Commercial Mortgage Solutions
Allied Physicians Healthcare Services
Great Angels
Venture Capital
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