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Debt Consolidation & Restructuring


When events and economic downturns lead to inability to pay monthly business debt obligations, we cordinate with Attorney-led debt restructuring teams that specialize in each type of scenario. With decades of experience, our legal teams help renegotiate business creditor notes. When this occurs, businesses can reduce their monthly debt requirments by 50-85% while eliminating the debt within 12-18 months. This process enables lenders to recover more of their funds while enabling businesses to forgo bankruptcy and complete insolvency.  This process saves businesses, jobs, and families.




  • Businesses can lower debt payments by 50% - 90%+ in a matter of days

  • 90% of applicants accepted into the Program

  • Attorney-led debt restructuring teams, with decades of experience, will renegotiate existing creditor notes 

  • No minimum FICO needed & No collateral required

  • Minimum = $30,000 total debt 

  • No negative impact to personal or business credit, in many scenarios

  • Often No upfront out-of-pocket fees

  • Quick and easy application process

  • Customized offer/term sheet/closing call within 24 hours (see below)


      Types of Debt We Can Consolidate & Restructure

                                         Government Loans                              Merchant Cash Advances

                                         Business Credit Cards                          Vendor Debt

                                         Bank & Credit Union Debt                   Supplier Debt

                                         Business Ventures Debt                       Term Loans/LOCs

                                         Equipment Loans                                  Commercial Real Estate Debt

                                         Non-Bank Business Debt                     All Forms of Tax Debt

                                         Secured Business Debt                        Unsecured Business and

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